Traditional Sami and Latvian craftsmen and musician workshops – culture exchange between Latvian Ethno-eco festival “SVIESTS” in Cesis, Latvia and Sami festival “ISOGAISA” in Lavangen, Norway.

Sami Shaman festival “ISOGAISA”
Lavangen, Norway

Ethno-eco festivals and workshops “SVIESTS”
Cesis, Cesis castle, Latvia

Joikas and Dainas Workshop in Drabeši
Sami Shaman Drum Workshop

Joikas un Dainas SVIESTS Etno-Eco 2014

Second Ethno-eco festival “SVIESTS” on July 26 in Cesis, Cesis castle garden.

Musicians and artists from Latvia and Norway, traditional crafts and arts open air workshops.

Festival 2014
Festival 2015


Sami Shaman festival “ISOGAISA”
in Lavangen, Norway

Musicians, craftsmen and women, artists from Norway, Latvia and across all the World.

Isogaisa 2014
Isogaisa 2015

I am grateful. Through this project I’ve been able to learn so much about Latvian folk traditions, culture and spiritual worldview as well as the connections and differences between the Sami and Nordic contexts. [..] I and others have been given an opportunity to learn about these cultures [..] Through this project I, and others I know, have made great friendships across our cultural borders. We have formed new networks, inviting each other to work and social gatherings that create all kinds of opportunities for our lives in the future.

Connecting our worlds through sharing our culture, our faith, our values and our lived experiences – Reflections on the project “Joikas un Dainas” 2014-2015

Frederika Wennermo
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